You know that super jazzed feeling you get after meeting with an ideal client?

You both just finished each-others sentences and everything just clicked! You walk away feeling loads pumped. What if you could feel that way after every meeting? I’ll do you one better, what if you could make people feel this way even when you weren’t in the room? That would be ideal.

Networking is for newbies. Relationships are for pros.

Often times the reason why we “hit it off” with certain people is because we share common goals, sometimes values but most often experiences. If you stop to think about your oldest relationships, friends, clients your hair stylist or barber… the glue that keeps you bound is your shared experiences, that overall sense that they just get you.

Country Star, Travis Tritt, said in an interview on the Wendy Williams Show while discussing the key to his long-standing success, “find out early in your career who your audience is… and play to your audience.” Now I’m not a huge country music fan but his words really struck a chord for me.  To have success is one thing but to secure longevity is an ultimate goal as a solo-biz-owner. We want better lives not just great careers.

Getting in-tune with the people who really make us feel jazzed should be the foundation for our ventures because when we build great relationships we live better lives.

idealclientvisualprofileA Deeper Understanding Of Who Your Ideal Client Is

So maybe you’ve been in business for a while and you’re like.. uhh I totes already know this. Cool beans. But let me ask you, do your marketing duds reflect this? Your brand and your business materials do they ooze the visual sensibilities of your ideal clients? What about you… ? Does your bio photo sport a more “corporate” version of you while your biz style is much warmer?

Don’t Know How You Can Start Attracting Ideal Clients? Start here, Ideal Client Profile

I’ve devised a great little offer to work with you and help with gaining clarity on just who your ideal client is, what they’re looking for (literally) and where you can infuse this into your business and brand. You’ll finally have a true understanding of the ins and outs of attracting ideal clients for your business or product.