Brand Strategy & Online Marketing

Review, Game-Plan & Roll-Out


Branding Strategy Sessions

Re-create the way you connect, lead and transform browsers into buyers.


Review & Game-Plan

Basic overview and PDF with strategy suggestions.


  • Site overview – Design & Messaging
  • Opportunities List (Niche Markets)
  • Social Media Suggestions
  • Re-Focusing Game-Plan (Online Marketing Strategy)
  • 3 Month Social Media & CRM (Email Marketing) Ideas


Review, Game-Plan & Roll-Out

Review Notes, Game-Plan & 6 month Roll-Out Plan (3 Pg. PDF)


  • Site overview – Design & Messaging
  • Opportunities List (Niche Markets)
  • Social Media Suggestions
  • Re-Focusing Game-Plan Per SM Platform
  • 6 Month Social Media & CRM (Email Marketing) Ideas

Online Marketing & Website Branding Strategy

Years Of Experience, Testing & Design At Your Finger-Tips


Drive People With Purpose

Learn how to strategically and intuitively guide people on your site.


Freshen-up your messaging and your visuals. Re-visit the way your phrase and connect with your browsers.


Strategically guide, lead and generate a tribe of loyal fans who will buy, rave and share how valuable your brand is.


Learn how to authentically sync with your ideal audience and find your marketing sweet-spot.

Sharing what I know to help you grow.

Website Re-Design

Not Another DIY E-Course

It makes me extremely hyped to help you find your tribe, reach those that need you the most and will do the most to share, rave, buy and buy again. Rather than send you down some crazy-overwhelming online course rabbit hole. Brand Strategy Sessions are a personalized game-planning service to help your specific business grow and connect with authenticity.

Wouldn’t you rather…

  • Spend your time and money learning more about your ideal client base.
  • Find ways to make genuine connections.
  • Create a plan that is aligned specifically with your brand and goals.

It’d probably be more efficient and worth your dollar to get a custom game-plan that takes into account the systems you already have and helps you leverage them to reach, connect and convert legitimate leads. I can help you do that.

Why pay thousands for something that may or may not work. Risk time, money and brain cells e-learning and applying beginner skills in hopes of pro-level results?

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