Color Associations.

First and foremost when folks visit your site your color palette is what sets the baseline for browser experiences. Right away they’ll start making assumptions about your style, level of skill, personality and most importantly your level of expertise. Here’s a little cheat-sheet for you on how to use the psychology of color for website design. Oh and please don’t just go with your faves. Choose wisely, think customer first and seal your choices with your own personal sabor.

Patterns & Personality

The little things. Patterns can be used to accent and breathe a touch of life and depth to your graphics. Consider elements that relate to your personal style, fashion and energy.

Ex. fierce Empowering-coach = animal print or wild flowers.


Find The Perfect Pairing. Find a combo of 2 -3 fonts that work well together. Typically designers lean on something funky and something neat to balance conversational and data-driven messaging. A curvy or hand-written font makes browsers feel like you’re engaged in casual convo and warms them up to your message.

Other things to consider…

#1 – Legibility
#2 – Versatility. Does it work in Bold and Light/Thin or Italic weights?
#3 – Click-Me Vibe. Does it demand attention and say read me! Will it let my readers know if I’m being playful, factual, easy-going?

Image Style & Visual Inspiration

Whether you’re choosing from stock photography or gearing up for a shoot it’s important to make sure the quality of your images will match the tone of your website. Browsers want to feel that whatever you’re selling them on you’re living it or living it larger.

Things To Consider…

#1 – Budget – for personalized or stock photography
#2 – Abstract or Subjective – to imply or not to imply.
#3 – Tone – Light, dark, clean or dynamic.


Creating a Mood-board is often confused with personal vision-boarding. If you want to design a platform for deeper connections make sure to include elements that vibe with the people you want to make those connections with. Don’t just think about what looks cool to you. Focus on the kind of imagery that really speaks to your ideal browsers.

Mood-Board With Me, Check out my Pinterest Board with some of my faves!