En Vivo 2


Can You Really Make Money Doing Something You Love?

Did you dream of making a difference? Getting paid the big bux after college?  Or just getting off the struggle bus you and your family were in? Me too.

After doing the 9-5, more like 8-6, full-time job thing for over 6 years I was exhausted. Not to mention totally torn because I had a growing family who really needed more than 2 or 3 hours a night of my attention.  Both my husband and I were first generation college grads, with no connections or directions on how to truly make it after college. More school? Entry level job for how many more years? We didn’t come from money or know any up-and-coming business owners or high level execs to help guide us on a path to wealth, much-less freedom.

We did what are parents did. We got resourceful. Wedged ourselves into networking groups, took online courses and learned our way into a life of freedom and eventual wealth. Slow your roll there, we’re not exactly rolling in the dough quite yet or working from laptops on the beach. My husband still works a full-time job and I still work from home with my toddler son. (No nanny in sight.) Our growth potential however, for freedom via wealth, has grown exponentially.

I can’t say that we’ve made it quite yet but the numbers don’t like and we’re not too far off. We can actually see it. What would you give to know… not just “believe” but to know you’re gonna make it. Pretty big. Doing something you love.

Applying your special blend of talent, skill and heart will actually pay off.

The biggest take away from our experience in professional growth, freedom and inevitable wealth? Community. Not just surrounding ourselves with people who are doing big things but people who are willing to share their hustle story, wins, losses, lessons and more importantly time. A community of self-made pros who understand where we are coming from and what needs to happen to make sure our passion-projects profit.

The thing we keep saying to ourselves is that we need to share it. Other people just like us are struggling to find a way to capitalize on their skills, talents and passio



































































































































































































ns. It’s great to have inspiring, motivational guidance but without any actionable take-aways it’s easy to get stuck in dreamer mode.

I want to help with that. I want to share my time with you. En Vivo is my chance to help you launch your side-gig, hobby or passion-project into a full-fledged business platform. I’m a web designer but I don’t just want to share how to put-together something good-looking. I want to share with you how to make more money, grow a community that consistently sends new clients your way and ultimately helps you get yours and make a difference at the same damn time. Finally.

En Vivo, A Live Event in San Diego, California.

This 2 day event in beautiful San Diego, Cali is going to be jammed with action. I and a couple other pros will be helping you package your thing into a fully branded, polished online business.

Day 1

We’re going to physically help you write it, design it and launch it.

Day 2

Let’s get it done. All the soul-work is going to polished and the LaunchFest is gonna go down.

Take your sneakers out the box and get ready to put in some work.