AllisonCarr_beforeHealing Website Design Get’s Refreshed

Allison Carr, was looking for a way to do some light re-design for her wordpress website. She wanted to make sure to visually connect with her ideal tribe of introverts in search of journey clarity, stress relief and magic unearthing. Allison is pretty wordpress savvy and uses a premium theme that allows her plenty of flexibility so she didn’t require much help with updating her graphics.

Allison’s spiritual healing website design was in need of a makeover. It needed to be aspirational, warm and like the phoenix it needed to speak of self-revival. For more about Allison and how she can help you unearth your magic and live to be the best version of yourself, view her website I can’t wait to see it all come together on her website.

I’m on the fence whether color really plays a big role in all brands. But for this site I think color was definitely a key element to deliver on the warm and inviting nature that both Allison and her services are about. It really makes you re-think you’re preconceived notions about what “witches” do.

Did you DIY or simply get up and running without branding?

Tell me about it. No seriously, what would you like your prospective clients to instantly take away from your personal branding? Let me know in the comments below.

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