Ideal Client Profile


Ideal Customer Profile & Style Guide

icp_ebookMake more than an impression. Make instant connections with your ideal buyers. Get a deeper understanding of how to visually engage your target market. No surveys. No sorting through tons of spreadsheets.

  • 45 Min. Ideal Customer Clarity Session
  • Mood Board (Great For Branding)
  • E-Guide “What’s Trending” for Your Ideal Client
  • Only $45.00

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Make an instant emotional connection with your prospects.

It’s been proven that people will be more loyal, follow, fan and buy from service providers who make them feel instantly connected. Give the people what they want how they want it so you can pleasantly surprise them with what they really need.

Is your website getting decent traffic but nobody’s clickin’?

Learn just how they like they’re info served. What types of offer-space makes them intrigued and stay loyal.

Are you brand materials falling flat with prospective clients?

Don’t settle for an “idea” of what your ideal client is into. Get the details. Get a customized trend report, with a visual description of what your target market is visually attracted to that includes: blogs, websites and shopping trends they’re currently following.

quote_lWith her guidance, I was able to get into the mind of my ideal client more clearly so that I can best serve her from the moment she shows up on my site, welcoming her as I would any guest in my space.    – Sabrina Bolin,