Last Chance Design For Your Holiday Promotion!




Let’s hash out all the details.

In a 60min power hour we’ll define your “target market” for your promotion.
Outline your “Roll-Out” process, to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running and spread the word with ease.
Kick-Start your promo language, headlines and must-have take-aways of your limited-time only promotion!


Don’t Get Lost In The Fray

During the holiday season people are being bombarded by all the shiny products that are being peddled during this frenzy, service businesses really have to CAPTIVATE potential buyers in order to turn them into profitable relationships.

Strategically Designed Graphics

You’ll Get,

  1. Newsletter Banner
  2. Sales Page Banner/Header
  3. Social Media CoverArt (Facebook) 


Revise, Refine & Spread The Word

“On-Call” design assistance to prevent hick-ups. Whether you need to resize for an additional platform or update the info on your designs, no-worries I got your back.

Web Support & Quality Control

You’ll Get,

  1. DIY Html Consulting 
  2. Image Correction & Content Revision
  3. Exclusive Access To My “On-Call” Webmaster Services.


Get It While The Pumpkin Spice Is Still Hot.  Available Now Through Nov. 15, 2013 ONLY!

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