Forget Your Favorites

Often times as a creative pro we tend to let our clients call the shots, after all “the customer’s always right” right? No señor, not always true. I always have to have “the talk” with folks and make sure their palette choices are based off of how they want their browsers to feel. Whether they’re targeting mostly female, male or a specific age group etc. There are a lot of factoids that should be taken into account when deciding which colors will really turn browsers into clickers and ultimately loyal buyers.

Here are a few:

Gender – Women shy away from earthy oranges, browns boogery greens.. but don’t get it twisted they don’t all love pink either. Men don’t always go ham for bold reds and strong greys… they dig the earthy earth tones, a mixed bunch of blues, greens, yellow or orange is their vibe. And alll the experts agree everybody loves blue.

Age Group – Now I won’t say that certain age groups are averse to any specific colors but consider that certain colors speak to common marketing ploys so we all have a pre-disposition as to what colors we dig at different stages of our lives. For example, brights and pastels are often used for kid-related products and marketing. Whereas deeper tones are associated with older more mature (pronounced “matooor”) audiences.

Status – If you’re selling luxury or high-end priced products or services you’ll probably want to shoot for colors that come off assertive… think colors that look good glossy. Reds, Blacks, Deep Navy, even Stark White. (Now before the color police comes after me, I know Black is not a color and White is another enchilida but for the purposes of this cheat-sheet – I’m counting them in.)

Mood – Color is instantly absorbed by all. It sets an instant tone for your space. In life and online. Make sure you’re tuned into what vibe your color choices will provide. If I wanted to help you feel secure, motivated and warmly embraced I might try a deep blue, yellow pick-me up elements and sprinkling of blush.. wait that is what I did!

Common Color Meanings & Some of My Fave Designs

Above: Red: | Orange: | Yellow: | Green: | Blue: | Purple: | Black:

Are you conscious about color? Let me know in the comments below.

What comes to mind when you look at business websites? Do some of the color choices feel right on point or totally off-putting?