Have any of you heard of this new slang – “Looking Thirsty?” Well my brother-in-law keeps me posted on all the new stuff kids are saying on da’streets (you know like in Step-It-Up 3? 4? I can’t remember which.) – Anywho, thirsty is how you come off when you’re just overflowing with neediness. This weekend when I was chatting with the hubs about how frustrated I was with the slow-going pace of my latest services and offerings it hit me – I’m coming off way too “thirsty”. This is not a good look – nobody digs needy.

I forgot what all this business hoo-haa was all about. Providing value, duh. That’s my bottom line, guiding those who are looking to flip the switch from hustler freelancer to reputable biz owner, to create a visual presence that connects, engages and allows them to thrive both on and off-line.

Why did I forget this, easy, early success. I got in a comfy zone where people were coming to me for advice, project proposals and buying into services I hadn’t even taken the time to refine. So as of the last few weeks… as these projects are coming to an end I’m finding myself in starvation mode. Or what the biz would call “feast or famine” – specifically the latter. I should know better.

How To Stay Hungry Without Looking All “Thirsty”…

If you ever feel like you’re starting to look all thirsty and needy make sure you’re taking time to get back to the serving part of your services and rehydrate your approach. The universe always gives back – that too groovy for ya? Think of it this way – you start throwing out numbers, sounding all salesy and cheap-o people will begin to associate this with the quality of your services or worse, the quality of your character. No gracias.

Rather than wallowing in sorrow or sending invites to my pity party – I’m getting back to my roots.

I’d been pumping out offer after offer and pleading folks to take me up on them, but they don’t know who the heck I am, what I’m about and more importantly how will they really benefit from anything I’m offering.

quote_lKeep it real and provide value people can feel. Eventually your stuff will hustle itself.

I’m so grateful and jazzed for all the “beginners luck” I’ve had thus far – but it’s time to get back to the people. With that said, I’d like to invite you to check out my upcoming Back To School Class – see below or click here for more details. Get to know me a bit, get some free guidance or just listen-in and take some notes.

FREE Live Webinar/Chat, Friday, September 6th, 2013!


You’ll learn how to…
  • Create visuals that inspire instant emotional connections and lead to more clicks!
  • Optimize your site layout to generate profit-prompting opportunities.
  • Live Site-Reviews for First 5 people to Enroll. (All others will be sent a free review via email.)


Mi Gente (my people), do you ever start getting too “thirsty?” What do you do to “re-hydrate” let me know in the comments.