Yahoo/YouTube Logos.

Trending this week…Logos.

In addition to the current frenzy, behind the big Yahoo! logo unveiling and the hoo ha behind YouTube’s re-branding, folks have been hitting me up a bit more than usual with logo freak-outs of their own. In order to help I had to serve up some tough love. I figured if you’ve been stumped by the logo-monster and thus spiraled into an emotional brand limbo place – you could use some tough design love too.

The Gosh Darn Truth.

Don’t set yourself up for emotional logo-shame related overload. I’ve seen people stop working on the things they love about their business just to make sure the logo is jusst right. Seriously?

“You’re Not Selling Logos.” Unless you are? – In which case, disregard the following rant. If you’re not in the business of logos I hope to save you from logo induced headaches & heartaches.

Let’s dispel some myths about logos…

“My logo should totally represent me and my business”

Nope and Not really. Your logo should not be the end all say all of your brand – yes it should be representative of your particular brand blend but in no way will a potential client say, “ay que feo (yikes that’s hideous) – I’m totally not purchasing her amazing package because that logo just kicks rocks!”  (if this happens ya probably didn’t want to work with that yerk any old way!)

“I’ve just started my business, can’t do anything until I have my logo!!”

Whoa, whoa, whoa there niña. Relajate. (relax girl.) Pick a font you like (or a couple) write it out, hire an expert and move on – go put together an awesome brand inspiration board on Pinterest – now there’s time well spent.

No lie, a vision board can help to inform design decisions for things that really “click” like a fab brand that’s visually engaging, says something about the quality of your work and gets those fingers clicking through to the other end of “buy now.” I’m just sayin.

“I need my logo to reflect exactly what I’ve got to offer.”

Not exactly home-fry. Be subtle, nobody enjoys being hit over the head with stuff. We’re smarter than that. It is definitely important for us to know/get an idea of what you’re going to offer. However, at least in my book, this should be in the name of your business or definitely in the tagline (line of text under that fancy word for “x service”)

ex. You’re all… “Ventures By Design” ← what does that mean girl .. ?” I’m all…  “ You know, I do graphic, web and business-life design for people with small businesses” Then you’re like…  “ok ok.. that makes more sense.”

What To Do

Be flexible. Logos should exist in a variety of forms as they probably won’t only exist in the header space of your website. You may need to minimize some elements, move around icons or extract smallish text to accommodate different settings, social media, t-shirts, banners, over an image..etc.

Think big while you’re starting small.

Even if you’re not planning on building the next “Nike” consider the possibilities and make sure your logo choice will stand the test of time. You or your designer can achieve this by keeping things closer to simple or clean, choosing fonts that don’t have a dated vibe (unless it’s industry relative, ex. Law Firms).

I’m all for making leveraged choices when creating a brand but I’m also all for not losing your ish over things that may not carry as much weight on your “make you or break you” list. Ultimately, Logos are soops importante, which is why I recommend hiring it out and making sure it’s right for your crowd not just your ego. (If you love it so much, why don’t you just marry it?) Remember why you started your venture, to do the work you love. <– stick to that – that jazz pays!


Have you experienced brand limbo – thanks to a logo you just can’t get right? Or do you have a question about your current logo? Lemme know in the comments below.